Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Cause and Effect

Who exactly is GOD?
Who exactly are WE?

People and language change,
Love does not,
Nor does gravity,
For the Lord is PERFECT,
and needs NOT change.

The Lord gave us evolution and free will.
How much can we change,
 and how much will we change.

You see, I see anything that God gave us to be constant, such as LOVE or universal laws, etc.  I feel as if we have the ability to become God like ourselves and help to create our own universe, to truly imitate Gods image, which is why God gave us both evolution and free will.  The Lord is perfect, and anything he made does not need change, only us, as humans need change.  How much can we really change? How much power did God actually give us?  Can we get much higher?  What next?  

Life is so boring to me right now, we go to school, go to work, do this and that, all for NOTHING!  You should consider these questions, What is the meaning/purpose to life?  Do you live to fulfill that purpose everyday?  What really is money? 

"One man can make a difference, but not on his own"-Myself.  We collectively create things into the physical plane by the beliefs that we hold together.  Like money, money is just paper, yet we put meaning to it.  Language is just sound, that we put meaning to.  We even created TIME.  Time is being at a certain place at a certain time, which we are TAUGHT.  We are victims to the very complex system.  The only way that we can change the way life is lived is to collectively bring new ideas to life, and make them our own reality, and live by them!

If the universe looks like a brain cell, then what is the universe?  Could it be that we are so little that our entire galaxy is simply a brain cell to something huge?  When considering time, creation of everything that we see is only a MOMENT in Gods mind, because time does not exist.  A moment in my mind, is one brain cell of thought.  So what really is this?  Everything has a complex system, that can be measured by MATH because it is CONSTANT and does NOT need change, like God.  God is math (universal language).  God is Love (universal language).  God is the universal laws (universal language).  God is inertia (universal law).  God is gravity (universal law).  God is anything that is perfect and does not need change, and WILL NOT CHANGE FOR IT IS PERFECT.  God gave us free will.  God gave us power.  Screw the sky, we have no limits.

When we believe, we achieve.
When we fear, we are from from near.
Understand Perception.


Sunday, June 10, 2012

Self Actualization

Things come into know,
It allows us to grow,
Everything found was not always old,
Rather found and then told.

The teacher wasn't always the teacher,
When do we assume those roles.

The preacher wasn't always the preacher,
When do we assume new heights and not new lows.

The seeker wasn't always the seeker,
because what was once lost now is found.

When does the seeker become the teacher,
and the teacher become the preacher?

Religion bends,
Again and Again,
Thats how Humanity wins.

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

I Write My Words On The Bathroom Wall.

I Love my parents,
But they are so transparent,
Its only them,
That can make me bend,
They pretend,
Like all my friends,
Again and again,
They forget they aint perfect tens,
They are just like me,
They wanna be free,
And they wanna breathe,
But you gotta be crazy like Steve,
To acheive,
You gotta believe,
You gotta just be,
They dont see what I see in me.

I can see it in her face,
We both got maced,
and we cant see each other.
I lost my mother,
I come through,
and do the things you dont wanna do.

I can see it in his face,
He always trying to beat my pace.
Im always Inferior,
To his wise ass mind,
But he drinks bottles and bottles of wine,
To unwind,
Now whose a better manager of time?

I put on my disguise,
And I start telling lies,
Thats the alibi,
I go far, far away,
A new place,
New fate,
No Hate,
New game,
Possible Fame,
Im too late,
To go back now.

MLK said he had a dream,
MLK is just like me,
Im in the midst of adversity,
I am the true meaning of diversity,
I said fuck the university,
And fuck the system,
If not me,
Then whose gonna witness,
Even though nobody listens,
My life is just fiction,
Just so much friction,
But check my diction,
While you pissin,
Its really non fiction,
I write my words on the bathroom wall,
Im destined to fall,
And im destined to be great,
Only tragedy,
Eliminates Hate.


Saturday, May 26, 2012

My Dreams or My Heart

Just another day,
That I feel anxious,
No I can't wait,
Whats my fate,
Am I really great,
Or am I just maturing late,
I thought I was in a new space,
I thought I was in a new state,
Deep down I know I'm supposed to create,
But I'm the only one that can relate,
My soul purpose can't just be to settle down with a significant play mate,
My hearts deeper than my own, 
Meaning I don't just love me alone,
And I know it hurts you,
And I know you think I'm cruel,
But if we are really soul mates,
Than this wont be our last duel.

Friday, May 25, 2012

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Feel The Real

We give to the church because we are scared we will burn,
But we can't give to our loved ones,
Cause we expect a return.

Thats a lesson to learn,
Do you really love church?

Or do you just live it out of fear,
Just accepting things as they appear.

The church is a symbol,
And love is real,
Decipher these things,
Feel the Real.

(seriously, wake the fuck up and take responsibility, we created this)


Feel The Real: Deeper Meaning

Realize the bigger things,
Not with a closed mind,
We give meaning to the things we see,

I could go to Africa,
Curse them with my lines,
Showing love at the same time,
And my words don't mean a thing.
Because they don't understand me.
Language is the only thing that change,
All things that God gave us stay the same.

You don't need to speak to understand Love,
Its universally in us, thats Gods Love,
Thats what we all desire,
Thats that empty space,
That we tried to fulfill with all the fake,
The things that aint,
The things that cant,
Fulfill true happiness.


Feel The Real: Love and Empower Yourself First.

Power to the people,
Live, experience, and breathe,
But how can you do that,
If you look in the mirror,
And don't like what you see?
When you love yourself,
The rest just happens,
I mean no Hate,
Only Appreciate.


Feel The Real: I Am Religion

The Motif,
Love and Peace.
Be universal.
Be one.
Just Be.


Saturday, May 19, 2012

The Ripple

Humanity is like water, 
Separate yet one,
But MySelf is the Ripple,
I intended no Pun.
Cause if we are just one,
Then you are just me,
So realize I don't say this cause I'm Cocky,
Cause I actually found me,
Unlike you zombies I see,
But MySelf Ripples,
spreading my knowledge of the old,
20 years old headed for the throne,
But it comes with a lot of sacrifice,
 thats something you don't know,
But I still Go,
Headed for the Beast,
I know y'all will hear me if I make it to the Music industry,
Thats where I could really lose my soul,
But I still Go,
Headed for the Beast,
I know y'all will hear me if I make it to the Music industry.

I just hope what I say ripples through time,
 Hope you understand the direction in my rhyme,
So I don't just go and do this for no reason,
Playin my part tryna change you like the seasons,
And I got my reasons,
Plantin seeds in ya mind, 
Hope they sprout in time.